That’s Just Village: A phrase used by cricketers to suggest a person has performed a certain act to a poor standard i.e. village team standard (derives from Old cricketers English)

Ex professional cricketers retire from the game to commentate and criticise from the comfort of the media stands across the world. The only thing we are qualified to critique and commentate on is village cricket. ‘That’s just village’  is the home of all things village, we are not interested in the international game, quite frankly we are not interested in those club cricketers who seem to think they are playing village cricket. Village cricket may be the butt of a few jokes in the cricketing world however it is the heart of the game and without the eccentricities, local rules, history, and tradition of village cricket the game would be in ruins. Not many sports can ebb and flow through the day like village cricket does. The ball can be swinging all over the place, batsmen heading to the pavilion like a long chain of ducklings then smash! A huge six hit over your head into a oak tree and the next ten minutes are spent frantically debating the local rules regarding trees hanging over the boundary. You can spend the whole day locked in a local duel. Two rivalling villages battling for the luxury of bragging rights however all you seem to remember from the game is how good the pork pies were at tea.

This is a platform to highlight the good in the game whether it be memorable match teas, village tales, strange stats,  or those quirky local rules we all scratch our heads over. We want to bring the cricket family together to share your stories, photos, quirks and keep the Village at the heart of cricket.


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